work in progress

This is a fragment of a shortfilm i'm working on with Niek Castricum, whenever we have some free time to spare. We're trying to finish the visual part by the end of the year, so we can focus on the sound early next year.
Concept, scenario, production, direction, animation, etc: all done by ourselves.
Technique: digital camera and a lot of After Effects.

Don't forget to turn on the sound of your computer..


Hooghartig als een Zwaan (Haughty like a Swan) is a film made for the series Dicht/Vorm, produced by S.O.I.L, production company based in Brussels.

Concept, storyboard, animation, post-production: Maarten de With en Niek Castricum.
Sound: Kris Delacourt
Technique: Stop-Motion and After Effects.

Tjalkie & Kalkie

A short for children, made for Dutch television program Villa Achterwerk on VPRO.
Concept, direction, production, animation and post production: Niek Castricum and Maarten de With


Graduation film
Won first price at the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht, 2004


introleader voor programma omroep Brabant in samenwerking met St. Joost academie
Samenwerking met Bjoern Hofmans.